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    Northeast Waterfall Loop

    Exploration: the action of traveling in or through an unfamiliar area in order to learn about it. Oxford Dictionary I enjoy reading books about the early polar explorers, the Voyageurs, modern…

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    New Concrete Pump Track in Cable

    The tiny Wisconsin Northwoods town of Cable, population 825, is punching above its weight class again with a new concrete pump track at the local bike park. If you Google “concrete…

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    Hunting By Bike

    I pull gently on the Hayes Disc Brakes to slow my Schlick Northpaw as I pull up next to an idling four-wheeler along Masterson Fire Lane. “Any of your guys get…

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    Bikepacking checklist

    With the Tour de Chequamegon bikepacking trip only a couple months away, a few people have been asking questions about what to pack. or the weekend trip. If you ask a…