Up North for Good

The Up North for Good tagline is a double entendre. Liz, Cowboy and I have been frequent visitors Up North. Now that we left Milwaukee and bought property in Seeley, we have moved Up North for good. But we also want to give back a little.

We believe in doing fun, sometimes difficult, things for good and important reasons. While enjoying life in the Northwoods will be the focus of this website and our events, everything we work on will have a foundation in philanthropy, equity or environmentalism. This is not a manifesto, just a way of life for someone who has been blessed and wants to try to give back.

Stay tuned for more as we work to curate a map of amazing bicycle routes and organize a small portfolio of fun but challenging events that help people to explore this beautiful area and enjoy what nature and our close-knit communities have to offer.

We will also feature stories about the great local cafes, restaurants, taverns, and bike shops and other businesses that make this part of the Northwoods special. While I am not a bike mechanic or super bike techie person by nature, I have landed on some things that I think make riding more enjoyable and a bunch of camping products that I use on bikepacking trips and like. So expect to see some short reviews here.

This isn’t a job for me, but I am passionate about it. Check back regularly for updates.

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