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The Northwoods Ramble Podcast Show #3

For the third episode Seeley Dave will be your solo guide on a the Northwoods Ramble to give TJ some well-earned time off with family after working long hours on the Epic Bike Fest all week. In this slightly shorter solo episode of the Northwoods Ramble, Seeley Dave goes through all the stuff in the bikepacking gear lending library that he has put together that Seeley area community members and visitors can borrow or rent this gear to try bikepacking without having to invest in all the expensive camping equipment and bikepacking-specific bags for something they may not like or have time to do often enough to justify the expense of owning everything.

In this episode Dave describes the tents, quilts, air mattresses, bags and other gear, explains how they work, and their benefits and features. We hope you will be able to get that gear soon at our local bike shops:

Below is a list of the Bikepacking Gear Lending Library Equipment I have available to loan as of this podcast. ⁠Email me at seeleydave2021@gmail.com⁠ if you are interested in borrowing any of it.

Visit ⁠⁠the episode webpage on LifeAboveEight.com for more info⁠⁠.

Watch this on our ⁠Life Above 8 YouTube Channel⁠

Seeley Dave heads to Marinette County for the ribbon cutting at their new Strong Falls Trails. He gets lost for a while but finally makes it to the great new trails for a ride and snaps some photos. Listen in and hear what he thinks of the wicked trails built wicked fast. Finally, Seeley Dave gives his Woods and Weather report in which he describes the latest wildflowers and the guys wonder what is the difference between a weed and a wild flower.

The conversation flows much more naturally on this second episode compared to the first, but there remain a few production and format issues to improve. I hope to improve the flow of the show intro, either by prerecording it or just getting better with practice. I also hope to always include something about bikepacking, even if it is just a routine mention to show some of the gear from the new community bikepacking lending library that people can borrow.

The show is best viewed as a video on Spotify or YouTube to see the routes and gear we review, but you can stream just the audio if that is more convenient.

Below is a list of the Bikepacking Gear Lending Library Equipment I have available to loan as of this podcast. Email me at seeleydave2021@gmail.com if you are interested in borrowing any of it.

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