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The Northwoods Ramble Podcast Show #1

Give a listen to TJ and I on the first episode of our new Northwoods Ramble video podcast. I’ve been working on the tech for this podcast for more than a month, testing microphones, figuring out how to run the audio from the RØDECaster Pro II through the Black Magic Design ATEM Mini Pro and end up with good sound and video, not to mention how to get the podcast published on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc. After 55 practice tests, I finally was able to record something with TJ, but I was so amped up, I kinda dominated the show. I promise future shows will feature a lot less of me talking and more from TJ and other guests.

In this first episode of the Northwood Ramble, we discuss the past six long months of winter in the Northwoods and the welcome relatively fast pace of spring with all the ephemeral wildflowers, fawns, fox kits and bear cubs. TJ even has a bear peaking in his picture window at home. We show some of the gear from the new community bikepacking lending library, which includes a tents, compact sleep systems, bikepacking bags and even a packraft. TJ gives an update on the new Trek Trails powered by OTM at Telemark Village. They also discuss Dave’s recent ride with Andy Swartz and the Gravel In Paradise crew over in Mercer, WI, bushwhacking to a new unnamed waterfall on the Marengo River and more.

Note: I have learned that the waterfall on the Marengo River is in the middle of private property no listed in FLM, so the only way to reach it without trespassing is via the Marengo River. The Marengo is pretty shallow in that section, so a person could line up-current with a packraft and float/paddle where it is too deep to do walk, see the base of the falls and float back. This option will be explored in a future episode of the show after more ground truthing.

This video podcast is hosed on Spotify, published on the Life Above 8 YouTube Channel and should be available anywhere you listen to podcasts.

The show is best viewed as a video on Spotify or YouTube to see the routes and gear we review, but you can stream just the audio if that is more convenient.

Below is a list of the Bikepacking Gear Lending Library Equipment I have available to loan as of this podcast. Email me at seeleydave2021@gmail.com if you are interested in borrowing any of it.

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    June 7, 2023 at 8:48 pm

    That waterfalls you ran across on the Marengo River is on private property, and as such you were trespassing. You should probably edit it out of this podcast.

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