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The Northwoods Ramble Podcast Show #6

In this episode, Seeley Dave gives the latest Update on Life Above 8, including some news about the Valhalla Beach Party Route, then has an interview Josh Rizzo of The Nxrth.com. Josh was up from Eau Claire with his brother and both of them were “working from ROAM” at ROAM Adventure Basecamp. He lets us know how that went, talks about the amenities at ROAM and then we get into his website, and ramble about some different bikepacking topics.In the closing segment, Dave gives a shout out for the new Standing Rocks Enduro, Aug. 19th.

The show is best viewed as a video on Spotify or YouTube to see the routes and gear we review, but you can stream just the audio if that is more convenient.

Below is a list of the Bikepacking Gear Lending Library Equipment I have available to loan as of this podcast. Email me at seeleydave2021@gmail.com if you are interested in borrowing any of it.

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