Tour de Chequamegon, Sept. 23-25, 2022

Have an adventure with us…

Ride the scenic gravel roads of the Wisconsin Northwoods this fall with Seeley Dave and Wheel & Sprocket on the 6th annual Tour de Chequamegon! Roll through dense forest, uplands and remote lakes of the Chequamegon National Forest. Join the bikepacking ride that literally put Wisconsin gravel on the map!

The Tour de Chequamegon is designed to be a semi-supported introduction to bikepacking, so you won’t be alone. While you do have to carry your tent, clothing and personal items, we will have ride guides to make sure you don’t get lost, mechanical support in case you break down, catered meals at camp so you don’t have to cook, and medical support just in case. We have a well trained support crew that’s been doing this ride for years that will be riding along with you that consists of 3 support riders, 2 support vehicles and a medic just in case. We have a lead rider who rides with the front group, a rider in middle who floats among the different groups in the middle of the pack and a sweep rider who makes sure no one gets left behind. In addition, we have 2 support vehicles on the course at any given time carrying food, water and tools to help out if anything comes up on the route.

You can ride as a group or on your own. You’ll just need to have your daily provisions, camping gear and basic bike repair gear on hand (tubes, levers, multi-tool…). You don’t have to bring food or a camp kitchen, just pack the lunch wrap we give you after breakfast and ride. We will have some hydration mix, Clif Bars, Shot Blocks and Gu gels, but please bring any special ride fuel or snacks if you have things you can’t do without.

At the end of the day, we’ll meet the group at camp and have meals, refreshments and a warm campfire ready (fire conditions allowed). Our ride director Seeley Dave has done the recon on the route and this is our 5th year hosting this amazing ride and those who join us are in for a treat. Please note that this year we will limit registration to 40 people and the spots tend to fill up pretty fast.

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