Chequamegon 100 June 18th, 2022

Life Above Eight is honored to take over the reigns for one of the midwest’s most iconic mountain bike endurance race, the Chequamagon 100. With an option of either one hundred or sixty-two miles of sweet northern Wisconsin dirt, with the great majority of it on singletrack, the Cheq 100 was the first endurance event to be held on the great CAMBA system trails. Based on a self-supported ethos that has gained popularity with other events, the Chequamegon 100 will continue the tradition of self-reliance riders that finish through determination.

Like the Hungry Bear 100, this event was originally a collaboration between Hayward native son Tim Krueger and The River’s Eatery’s Mick Endersbe. Mick and Tim, who now runs Esker Cycles and Terrene Tires, devised a route using as much CAMBA singletrack as possible, and a few rough and tumble gravel/ATV sections for connections. Like the Hungry Bear, the only support we provide for this race beyond timing is some encouragement at the start and a small party at the finish.

Tim’s business has grown in recent years, so after five years he has transferred ownership to Seeley Dave to run. Dave shadowed Tim for the races last year and promises to keep the event’s family reunion vibe. As with all Life Above Eight events, the Chequamegon 100 will have our Up North For Good ethos at its core, so profits from this race will be donated to further cycling in the area.

There will be a shorter 60 mile Snacking Bear category in addition to the full 100 mile Hungry Bear event. The 100 miler will start and finish in Cable, and the 60 miler will start later on the course, and finish with the 100 miler in Cable.

We believe in the idea of self-supported racing, and as with all of our events, you are responsible for you. We will be checking the course before, during and after the event, but the course will remain open, and you will need to watch for other road users.  The course will be navigated by cue sheet, so all riders should have some method of distance measuring on their bike.  

We hope to see you out there!

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