Perfect Day For The Seeley Lions Pre Fat

Mother Nature gave a break to the 230 racers who signed up for the Seeley Lions Pre Fat mountain bike race today. The temperatures were in the 70s, the sky was partly cloudy, and there was a light wind to keep the bugs away when people were not pedaling. We even had a little rain during the night, just enough to keep the dust down on the formerly dry trails and gravel roads. I volunteered to take photos, so no racing for me this year. The course is perfect for a single person to photograph. My photo itinerary was as follows: I parked on OO so I could get photos of the moto lead out. Then I jumped back in the truck and cruised down Clear Lake Rd to get photos on the first gravel climb, then out to Lake Helene for pics of the racers going by the lake. Then over to Janet Road where I ducked into the woods to get photos on the CAMBA Seeley Pass trail. Then I parked on OO by Trailhead to get photos of riders coming over the Birkie Bridge. Finally I did some finish party photos. It all worked out pretty well. … Continue reading Perfect Day For The Seeley Lions Pre Fat